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Company insolvency


Is your company heavily in debt? Is it suffering cash flow problems?

These problems can be made worse by HMRC and other creditors who continually hound the business for payment and even threatening windup. This can cause great stress on the company and its owners.

We can help your business to rid itself of these debts and start a brand new company that carries on the business of the old company. Or to simply close down the company.

If the business is to continue, the new company will be free of debt and will carry on the business of the old company. The new company will, therefore, be in a much stronger financial position.

We will guide you through the whole process until the old company is dissolved and your business rescued, helping you through any potential pitfalls and ensuring that your business can survive with little or no impact.

We will handle the transition from the old, insolvent company to a new, debt free company so your business can continue to operate.

Company Liquidation

Company Dissolution